Do You want To Miracles Happen with You? Start Tuning Into Your Gut

Do You want To Miracles Happen with You?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought?

I understood this could happen!?

Perhaps someone betrayed your trust, or a strategy you had a bad feeling about blew up in mind.

Most of us possess an inner compass that guides us through life.  It helps us comprehend bad beats, and also helps us determine when something is very good for us.  That energy–that inherent understanding is your intuition.

Usually, it helps us select the most convenient and easy alternative –but that doesn’t mean it is always the best alternative.  We evolve by stepping outside of our comfort zones, by doing things which are not always rational–and our intuition is that little feeling that pushes us.

In regards to navigating your livelihood, your intuition may be an unbelievable asset.  It might help steer you away from a potentially difficult (or crazy!)

Boss, or guide you toward asking for a promotion.  It can help you identify a dream client, or understand when it is time to quit that job and continue on to pinker pastures.   I worked for MTV for eight years, and during those eight decades, I started blogging.  Eventually, I decided to become a certified life coach.  Then, I started writing my novels.

Although I adored my side hustle and wanted so badly to make it my full-time livelihood, my brain told me to remain at MTV and “play it safe” My mind has been her typical, logical self, guiding me to remain in a stable job with benefits and a 401(k).

My instinct, however, was begging me to leave.  It took two long years of battling between my rational thoughts and my instinct before I listened to my gut and also quit my job.  And it’s been the best choice I’ve actually made.

A great deal of individuals imagines those that are guided by their intuition as hippie-types, spending hours each day at lotus position.  Nonetheless, it’s not like that at all.   All of us have the capability to use intuition to live our very best life.  Here, four approaches that will help you follow your gut to greatness.  Make time to feel.

We spend so much time polling others to their view, reading articles on what we “should” do, and obsessively discussing our own lives.

I am not the best at conventional meditation, so for me, heading out to a neighborhood bar and using a glass of champagne by myself gives me a while to listen to the ideas which frequently get blindsided from the sound of others.

Treat yourself to lunch, or have a very long walk in character –just do something that provides you a little time and space not to just presume, but to feel.  Start composing what you’re feeling.

Get a journal that is adorable, light a candle, and require some time to free write.  Free writing is an exercise in which you simply write down whatever thoughts flow into your mind.

There’s no pressure, no planning, and no spell check.  Remember, nobody will see this but you!  Free writing helps us evoke thoughts we may not even realize are buried deep inside. Get your sweat on!

Exercising is a great way of getting in tune with your internal vibes.  Breaking a sweat and letting yourself be in the present time will help you clear out all the junk in your head and get in contact with your stomach.  A mantra that I love is “get out of your head and in your body.”

We all have certain beliefs that have been ingrained within us.  Perhaps you’ve always thought, I’ll never be fit and healthy!  Or, I shall never be able to do what I love for a living!  These thoughts are B.S., and the sooner you’re able to release them the sooner you can begin to follow your gut and take action toward alive beyond your wildest dreams.

Write down all the beliefs which hold you back, then crumble or burn the paper.  As you destroy the newspaper, tell yourself, “I let go of what holds me back and invite a much better world”  This simple ritual will allow you to let go of what limits you and begin to design a new life for yourself filled with joy, love, and magical.

Try out some of these strategies this week, and determine how it feels.  Remember, becoming intimate with your intuition takes time.  Be patient, and revel in the journey!

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