Do You Want to Be a Successful Astrologer in 2020?

How To Be a Successful Astrologer?

How to become an Astrologer? At the first of a Unique four-part Show about” Mysterious” Professions, astrologer Joya Galbraith informs Me’s Jesse Sposato about stopping her previous lifestyle to follow the route of her fantasies.   Growing upward, Joya Galbraith had small interest.

1 afternoon, a friend called her to inquire if she knew anybody who would want his job helping an acupuncturist and Profession.

Joya supplied herself. “I hung up the telephone, went directly to work, and gave my Two months notice,” Joya stated.  

After getting a reading for a present, she began studying astrology, finally taking courses and getting an astrologer herself.  Currently, Joya works with customers at Maher Rose, a recovery and health center in Brooklyn. About it?

Joya: Astrology is the symbolic speech; it is all about what the planets and the stars and the indications signify, and comprehension and decoding that routine of energy.  So, I truly examine the birth chart within a imprint of our energy just as we’ve our parents’ DNA, the patterning of what happens from the skies may be utilized as a mirror to reflect our playful patterning.

How To Become An Astrologer

The moment, the place, what occurred at the moment at the skies, and how it’s reflected on your patterning?

What is Astrologer Requirements

So, I go a lot more into psychology.  I look at the planets since archetypes, such as every planet represents a different portion of our psyche.  And the signal is that the lively patterning, the features, the attributes.

At a session, I am taking a look at people, taking a look at their graph, referring to their strengths, and also discussing where the flaws are.  And it is intriguing with astrology–I would not look at someone’s graph and state they’re female or male; I would not understand exactly what their race, color, or course is.

There are no indications of this in a graph.  However, I’m likely to have the ability to tell whether you have some serious mother problems which you want to work through, or in case you’ve got amazing discipline clinics.

Joya: In the USA, astrology still gets the overseas word, “entertainment purposes” [related to it] so there is not a certification requirement to have a permit.

In England, it is much different–there’s.  However, here, there is a great deal of different alternatives, like for any type of education.

There is a business, [the American Federation of Astrologers,’’] you are able to go through to receive a certificate.  And there’s also working with mentors, and that’s exactly what I did.


Every astrologer has their own manner, and it is such a complicated  Subject, I will learn eternally and never understand [it ], but I truly try to create astrology very fundamental for people to know because now people really wish to know, “How do I help, what do I do?  What is a mess” And it is like, “Well, you assist by accepting responsibility for your lifetime –being kind rather than causing yourself or other people hurt.”

This is our main job at the moment, and astrology is that this wonderful self-awareness tool which we could all look [in to assist us] know and assist us in some ways get a more profound comprehension.

I’ve got an office in my home, so I am there performing Skype sessions.

 However, the very first thing I do is look at the energy of this day, the facets; and I am always checking the information because the information is an index of that energy is acting out on earth.  And then there is the groundwork for [people’s] graphs.

So, there is a good deal of moving over dates and assessing things. 

There is also lots of emailing!  I am really accessible after I visit a customer –I am always inviting them to inform me exactly what goes on [following a reading]. And there are regions of the day at which I listen to lots of astrology podcasts.

Me: Would you find out more than 1 individual daily?

Joya: I will see about a few people every day.  I can’t talk after three since I speak nonstop!    I really do a meditation practice before sessions grounding, lively protection before I really do appointments since I had been doing so; I had been actually having strong responses to people’s energy.  And I have to go to nature every few months.

When I have a little mad in New York, then I must escape L.A. I move to Seattle a good deal, also, then down to Mexico.  If I am feeling burnt out, I still want acupuncture or reek or massage that always helps me.

Joya: I believe astrology gets quite overwhelming and complicated for most people, and there is a great deal of mystique about it, but I suppose the message is that, what [in the celebrities] is wonderful.    Plus it isn’t a justification.

The world does not do anything–it is just us knowing how we respond to the energies which are already existing. It is a gorgeous affirmation, but it is not a justification. 

And that is a big part of my assignment, to make matters easy, make the speech as simple to comprehend as Possible so as to make this understanding by which people can then enable themselves.

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