Need a Little Hope in Your Life? Start With Those Wonder.

Need a Little Hope in Your Life? Start With Those Wonder.

How to get back a Little Hope in Your Life? Can I let you in on a little secret? Sometimes I would like to stop and feel the awe when I globetrot. There are eternal things to plan, places to be, things to do, people to meet, and things to eat!

My excursions are often hectic because I’m simultaneously working. But it’s a frequent phenomenon: On vacation, you’ve probably felt “switched on.”

You’re mired in logistical details. You’re trapped in chronicling the experience for social media. However, it does not have to be like that! In these times of conflict and uncertainty, travel should be a chance to nurture the soul, not another chance to stress out!

So how do we step back from the hustle, bustle, and minutiae of travelling and turn into a journey which fills us with peace of mind, purpose, and a sense of hope? Here Is What I am trying, more and more, to do: Relinquish control

Your trip does not need to be on lock once you have a trip planned, it is okay to let go and let the journey unfold.

In Present from the Sea (a great book for any seeker!) To put it differently, instead of micromanaging every aspect of your travel, make yourself open to unexpected adventures, such as the conversation with a stranger in a cafe or a day wandering city streets.

My trip Cairo bloomed into Technicolor once I made a decision to trust and allow Fathi, a neighbourhood, lead me around town after he found me on a crowded street corner looking lost. It’s frequently the unexpected encounters that develop us the most. Me, in an Egyptian temple.

Quiet mind

Spiritual wellness and meditative practice go together, so make sure to make time in your travel schedule for some quiet contemplation.

This could be as straightforward as carrying a twenty-minute break during the day to perform some focused breathing, or as structured as registering for a yoga class in the city you are visiting. I did my very first yoga class EVER in India, and that I loved it so much that I signed up for another when I was vacationing in Oman.

See destinations which ooze spirituality

The Catholic priest Henri J.M. Nouwen said, “The spiritual life doesn’t eliminate us from the planet but leads us deeper in it.

“Because of this, I have been trying to cultivate greater religious mindfulness as I explore this gorgeous, dissonant earth.

And what better way than to visit the world’s sacred sites?

Machu Picchu, the Incan citadel found high in the Andes mountain range, will also dazzle you with its energy.

So, that’s my suggestion, fellow travellers: Seek outside and soak in the restorative powers of such magical places–then bring that magic home and spread it about.

Last Night, as we were sitting around the fireplace, reflecting back on the year that was, my wife, Wendy, discovered this little wire balloon using the word “Hope” inside of it. Our youngest boy had found it on a walk a couple of weeks before and picked it up off the ground.

To be honest, I think I needed that little bit of hope to continue to.

Especially because this year finished with Christians trying to convince people that Jesus would have applauded the deadly shooting of a gunman at a Texas church.

[These very same Christians also need it to be understood that theirs would be the real “religion of peace” compared to people violent, murdering Muslims who wish to kill us and take our freedoms away, mind you].

For over 10 decades now I have been attempting to introduce Christians to Jesus. This subject of Nonviolence is just one which has been among the more difficult and pervasive discussions over that time.

It seems that Christians are some of the most resistant to the notion that Jesus was a nonviolent Messiah who came to teach us to beat our swords into ploughshares and study war no more.

This seemingly endless debate has led me to create a string of YouTube videos and podcast episodes about how there isn’t any such thing as a “Gospel of Nonviolence” since the Gospel is not barbarous.

It is only the Gospel that Jesus preached, and it occurs to hinge upon the notion that God is a person who loves even those who hate and deny him, and so when/if we love our enemies we are also doing exactly what our Father God does: Love people who don’t love us.

However, for Some reason, Christians seem immune to this type of thing. They need a kick-ass God plus a bad-ass Jesus that will return [shortly] and slaughter these enemies to make a literal river of blood which will choke a horse. So, this

However, if I am honest, it is getting old.

I’m very tired of endlessly explaining that, no, Jesus didn’t use a whip against anyone when he drove out the critters by the Temple. [Go browse the actual passage. It says that he chased the creatures with it, not people].

I am so done trying to explain that, no, Jesus did not tell the disciples to “go and buy a sword” since he wanted them to use violence in self-defence.

[Not convinced? Notice how Jesus responds when they try to use those swords to protect someone in self-love.]

My Fingers are tired of copying and pasting the words of the early Church Fathers who — for more than 400 years — unanimously argued for Christians to extend from violence and renounce military service and political division in favour of following Christ in his path of nonviolent enemy love.

I have even tried to describe that if those early Christians had Been like us now, they’d have killed Saul of Tarsus when he came after them, and then he would not have been converted by Christ rather than have written all the New Testament scriptures.

All to no avail.

So, I’m Kinda tired of it all. And, obviously, I am not the only one.

Over the last few days I’ve received several private messages from other writers and bloggers that shared with me quite similar frustrations. Like that one I received from one friend only today:

“It appears that it is a near impossibility to get People in the church to understand their private opinions are inconsequential when they oppose Jesus. Here’s to a new mission in 2020.”

Just a few days earlier I had begun to wonder out loud though, after doing so for more than a decade now, maybe I need to re-think my approach.

To be honest, part of the musing was sparked by a recent conversation I had with Derrick Day where he’d mentioned wanting to stop using Scripture to make his points and start talking to people outside Christian circles.

The more I thought about that approach, the more I started to actually love the concept of it. However, after mulling it over a few days I realized that for me — that’s probably not likely to do the job.

At least, not immediately.

Why? Since everything I’ve got to say is still based on the teachings of Jesus. If I take away that, I do not have a lot to talk about, really.

[Which is sort of ironic once you consider that my critics consider me some sort of heretic who hates God and doesn’t accept the Bible seriously, etc.]

So, for I guess I am stuck inside this groove. These are my own monkeys. And I figure this sort of is my circus, like it or not. That is why Discovering that tiny cable balloon of “hope” last night was sort of a secret message from Jesus to me. At least, that’s the way I took it. I’ll hold on to this tiny wire of hope just a bit longer, I guess. Let us see

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