Do You Want to Know Who’s Your Synastry Soul Mate in 2020?

Do You Want to Know Who’s Your Synastry Soul Mate?

Every Sign of This Zodiac falls under one of four Elements:

  • Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius),
  • Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn),
  • Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius),
  • Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Each element governs certain pursuits.  Earth is connected to nature and hands-on creative pursuits. Air is tied to intellectual goals and research.  Water governs spirituality and art.

If you’re trying to find a like-minded soul mate, then try frequenting places governed by your Sun Sign’s ruling element.

Fire Signals are energetic, enthusiastic, and outgoing.  Individuals dominated by this element tend to be restless and want a physical outlet due to their circadian energies.

That is why Aries, Leos, and Sagittarians frequently discover their soul mates in the gym.  Joining a gym or sports team may also yield fruit.

Fire element folks are very competitive and can find love at sporting events, gambling tournaments, and gift shows.

Fire Signs are impulsive and should seek romance in areas where people are able to express themselves freely without fear of reprisal.  Stay away from stuffy, traditional atmospheres.

People Ruled by the Earth component are sensual, stable, and practical.  That is why folks born under the indication of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn gravitate toward distinct hobbies like baking, woodwork, knitting, as well as pottery.

If you’re looking for someone who shares your passion for creating beauty out of raw materials, have a class in one of those subjects.

Earth Signs are strongly attuned to the physical realm, and has to search for love in which all five senses are engaged.  Avoid sterile, too constructed surroundings.

Air Signs are Intellectual, objective, and analytical.  If you are ruled by this element, you want a partner who can engage you in spirited debate.

Cast your eyes around a book bar, writing team, discussion society, or governmental organization for your soul mate.

Individuals born under the sign of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will also be curious, and may find love at the library, bookstore, or government institution — any location that stores vast amounts of information for research purposes.

Air Signs have to have their minds engaged, and that means you have to seek companionship where intelligence is put at a premium.

Avoid areas that benefit mediocrity. Sun Signs governed by the Water section are creative and intuitive.

If you’re a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you want a lover who enjoys art.  You could meet your dream partner at a dance club, movie theatre, concert, or even museum.

Water Evidence has great instincts and considers people’s activities more greatly than their own words.

You can find a Fantastic lover at a Humanitarian or civic centre — any location where folks donate their time to make the world a better place.

In the end, Water Signs seek to connect with people on an emotional level, and that means you need to frequent places where you are able to let your guard down.

In the end, your synastry soul mate must share or have a keen interest in your personal interests, demands, and psychological needs.

There is very little need to explain yourself to one another; you just “get” each other.  Past this, you are apt to feel very proud of each other’s accomplishments.

This is the Holy Grail for the assembly of zodiac soul mates, therefore if your sensatory graph has this aspect, consider yourself extremely fortunate indeed!

This is because the Sun and Moon naturally complement one another; they are intended to go together.

With This aspect, what you will feel right off the bat is an attraction!  Since the relationship evolves and deepens, the “Moon” person within the connection generally evolves into a supportive role in the “Sun” individual who tends the “drive” or lead the connection in some manner.

Mars to Moon Aspects A trine or a textile between Mars and the Moon is a powerful index of attraction!  Even though Sun-Moon aspects denote attraction too; the Mars-Moon connection raises that initial attraction to some mutual fascination.

In our experience, among the Most Effective indicators of Special relationships happens when a very simple trine in 1 person’s natal chart is effectively turned into a Grand Trine from another Individual’s world (s), particularly when it involves private planets.

As an Example, in one person’s chart, Mars is in the early levels of Sagittarius and trines the Moon at the first degrees of Aries.

A world in the early levels of Leo would create a Grand Trine in this native’s Chart, but does not exist.  Her partner’s Sun matches this pattern, as it is at the Early levels of Leo.  This strong connection is particularly potent when it is reciprocated.

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