Do You Know What’s Your Secret Power Color? But Your Body Knows.

Do You Know What’s Your Secret Power Color?

In “Recovery”

Talk, the chakras represent the seven energy centers of the human body.  Running out of the bottom of the tailbone up into the crown of their head, these seven spots are particularly key for exploiting our full potential.

That’s because our own life force energy (some might call it “spirit”) runs through these cosmic portals, “powering up” distinct organs and, then, ruling distinct areas of our lives.

Optimum wellbeing is the result of seven chakras spinning at full rate, whereas blockages in any area can lead to unease–often showing as psychological issues first, going on to manifest as physical ailments or even addressed.


So, How to receive your chakras spinning at high velocity?

Since each chakra is represented by a different color, the color of your outfit can help “accelerate” the energy centre that needs a boost.

It is a genius practice which, as a New York transplant who has definitely adopted the local tradition of mainly wearing black, isn’t always the easiest to follow.

That’s why I often wear just a bit of this chakra sandeep I want –a canary-yellow bra, a green crystal necklace, sexy pink socks….

There is  A whole guide to the chakra system in my book, Material Girl, Mystical World, but check out the below tips about the best way best to discover the color that will make you feel–and radiate–fantastic vibes!

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Location: Base of the tail bone.

Avi:  Our overall sense of security and substance stability

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Connect for it for: An important meeting or interview.

Power color: Red.  It’s no wonder this color is traditionally said to bring more confidence to whoever wears it.  Even a slick of bright red lipstick can do just fine!

Location: Only under the navel.

Avi: Our creativity and sexuality, in addition to how we feel about others and ourselves.

Power color: Orange, like the burning embers of our appetite and the flames fulfill our creative dreams.  Try a pretty tangerine balconette bra to harness some flirty energy prior to a date.

Location: Just above the navel.

Connect for it for: A power boost.

Power shade: Yellow.  Yep, just like the Sun, aka the cosmic energy charger that literally gets us up in the daytime.

How about a pair of glowing yellow sneakers for your AM sweat session?


HEART CHAKRA Location: Center of the chest.

Avi: Our sense of empathy and unconditional love for ourselves and others.

Join to it for: Empathy, serenity.

Sandeep: Green, as a reminder that we are all bonded by our connection to the natural world.  Think stunning emerald tones, maybe not the slime found on YouTube video tutorials!

Location: Center of the throat.

Avi: Our ability to express ourselves and communicate with others.

Join to it for: An important conversation, when you truly have to be heard. Sandeep: Blue.  Maybe the easiest color to incorporate into your daily appearance –faded vintage denim totally counts.


Avi: Our imagination, wisdom, and intuition. Power color: Indigo.  Think Deep Ocean Hues, since this part of our psyche can be ruled by the water element.  Bonus:

This dark shade is an excellent alternative to head-to-toe black.

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