Zodiac sign Will Bring out Your Sign’s Most Beautiful Traits

These Makeup Colors for every Zodiac sign Will Bring out Your Sign’s Most Beautiful Traits

Do you know what’s far better than staying on top of attractiveness trends? Knowing what trends are actually for keeps. While you may not step out using a complete face of makeup every single day, tiny details on your cosmetics game can take your attractiveness quotient into a whole new level.

As an astrology buff and beauty industry veteran who’s worked with some of the best makeup artists in the world, Krista Madden has spent decades analyzing which colors work best for every sign.

We were instinctively drawn to the palettes she chose for our signs we requested Madden to urge the most charming eye makeup colours and techniques for each and every hint.

Continue reading for her insightful tips and tips. And if you are not typical for the sunlight, Madden suggests you might take a look at your climbing and Moon sign colors rather; also, learn where Venus, the ruler of beauty, sits on your graph, also check out that sign’s colors, too!

The Bold and ferocious Aries woman should elect for makeup that creates a statement–vibrant eye makeup or a profound shade of lipstick, one which stands out.

Also, don’t shy away from sporting edgy graphic vase appears. It’ll surely bring out your fiery side!

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Strong-willed, Pragmatic, hard and slightly stubborn–these are the traits of a Taurean woman. You must opt for uncommon shades and goth seems to bring your distinctive personality.

A traditional black smokey look teamed with a bright, fuller pout may add more sass to your own personality.


The Crazy Gemini should bring some drama in her life. A simple yet striking look is sure to make you stand outside. Use bright neon colors to dress up your eyes and a deep berry lipstick from gloss or matte to get a statement pout.

If you would like to shine bright this season, then add more color in your makeup and assault!


Cancerians Vibrant hues and graphic eyeliners would not appeal . Instead, they’d just prefer to accentuate their best features with the support of some mascara and highlighter.

Fresh, dewy skin is something you’re more likely to tilt towards.


Leo Ladies love attention! Bright, bold hues in your makeup can allow you to catch all eyeballs. For this reason, you should opt for bold, metallic eye makeup or a high-on-highlighter look to create your shiny character stand out.


A Virgo woman loves to keep it subtle yet sensuous. Her merry, fun-loving personality can be brought to life with earthy tones in addition to some dramatic colours like purple and green.

Add some oomph to a makeup match with the help of extreme colours that will allow you to look like the boss-lady that you’re!


Charming, Confident and tasteful is what best defines a Libra woman. Give them any color and they will pull it off with equal panache. Their glowing smile can light up an area, and that’s exactly why the classic red lip can tie their makeup look together.

So, a minimum no-makeup makeup look with a deep red lipstick perfectly defines a Libran’s character.


They Are complex, fascinating and magnetic all at one time. Yes, we are speaking about the traits of a Scorpio lady. Their calm yet courageous character make them the ambassador of experimental looks.

Try gold or silver glittery accents to your eye makeup and tones of coral and burgundy for a pout-perfect look!


A Sagittarian woman is lively, fierce and loves trying new things. Therefore, if there is a new makeup trend surfacing, you’ll find a Sagittarian leap onto it.

You should definitely go for deep Contouring, OTT highlighter and vibrant smokey eye seems if you would like your makeup to do the talking. With that positive prognosis, you are going to have the ability to slay even the riskiest of looks with élan.


Do You know what attracts a Capricorn woman’s stoic personality ? Makeup that has darker, darker colors rather than bright pop colors.

Believe white winged eyeliner, gold-toned eye makeup and black or purple smokey eyes. Such hues will amp up your makeup game immediately. Take notes, girl! You’d definitely want to sport more such darker colors this year.


Extroverted, Outgoing and the only zodiac sign that appreciates and embraces change, an Aquarius woman will never say to not trying new cosmetics trends or adding much more to her makeup regimen.

Little details such as Brushed-up brows, inner corner emphasize and on-fleek design are some of the methods in which an Aquarius lady can show her off zesty character.


The A Pisce an woman’s makeup is all things simple, comfortable yet chic and attractive.

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